Case Challenge

In order to flourish in the business world, one needs to develop the essential skills of making managerial decisions, time management and of course, innovation. One of the popular ways to enhance these highly essential skills is by having students study case studies. Students are given a series of real or hypothetical events of a company’s current situation. They are made to analyse the company’s situation and come up with well-rounded solutions for the problem.

In a case study competition, this is taken one step ahead. Students are assigned to teams of four and are given a time limit of about twenty two to twenty four hours for them to solve the case. They are required to use their creativity and knowledge in order to come up with a unique solution to the business case. But it does not end there! The teams will have to present their case in front a panel of esteemed judges who pose some questions to them after their presentation. The presentation happens at two levels: the division level and the final presentation, for the teams that qualify through the divisions.



Business case study competitions challenge and bring out the best skills of each person. Students learn to analyse, co-operate, manage time as well improve their communication and presentation skills. It is an efficient way of implementing knowledge and going beyond the text book. It is a vibrant and intense experience that will shape a student significantly. It is also a platform for companies to receive fresh ideas from young minds as well as identify talent that would benefit them.

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