Shape Your World With APU

Many business case competitions train tomorrow’s leaders the world across, but none of them can truly match the experience Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University provides through the Global Business Case Competition. Every day on campus, multilingual staff and students versed in subjects social and corporate collaborate, moving beyond their cultural, class, and race boundaries towards a more global, promising future. At APU, international mutual understanding isn’t just a motto; it’s business as usual.

Intercultural ​Common Ground

Founded in 2000, APU has seen students from 137 nations and regions study between its walls, and still continue to grow as one of Japan’s premier international universities. Currently, 5,948 students attend classes at APU – 49.5% are from overseas, representing 84 countries and regions. Of the 173 full-time faculties, 49.7% are of a foreign nationality, themselves hailing from 23 countries and regions. The bilingual educational system means students can learn in either Japanese or English for 80% of the undergraduate subjects offered. For students seeking even more multicultural immersion, the AP House dormitories contain 1,310 rooms where students from all across the world learn to truly live side-by- side.

Special Guests & Special Lectures

In addition to the wonderful faculty of professors and administrators, APU maintains connections to a special network of 48 academic advisors; among them renowned researchers and Nobel Prize winning academics who frequently attended special lecture sessions and informative international conferences. APU also regularly sees visits from prominent figures outside of academia, including ambassadors, government policy makers, and business leaders, ready to share with the student body firsthand experiences of the various fields they seek to join. In addition, APU sees many visits and on-campus recruitment seminars held by a wide array of companies, and as a result boasts an astonishing 91.0% employment success rate.

Progress & Profit


Fully accredited by the Japan University Accreditation Association, APU guides undergraduates along two paths: The College of International Management (APM) and the College of Asia Pacific Studies (APS).

Primarily an international business school, APU boasts an impressive 90,286 foreign texts available on-campus in its library, including books, periodicals, and newspapers. Industry veterans and scholars alike fill APM’s staff and encourage students every day to not just study business as thin theoretical concepts, but to seek concrete examples, learn from the mistakes of

the both distant and recent past, and leap into the real world even before graduation. Those in APM acquire, like many business university students, the key skills required of tomorrow’s global business leaders – accounting, finance, marketing, economics, strategic management, and more – but APU places new emphasis on social awareness, insisting new graduates use these

powerful fundamentals to create new, more responsible ways of doing business.

Within APS subjects, students learn about the importance of modern worldwide issues and see solutions from a variety of subject areas, including international relations, environmental policy,sustainable development, and the hospitality and tourism industries. These two colleges continue into graduate school, with master’s degrees available in Business Administration, Asia Pacific

Studies, and International Cooperation Policy. At the doctorate level, APU offers degrees in Asia Pacific Studies.

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