GBCC 2017 Naming Sponsor 

We are immensely joyous to announce the naming sponsor of GBCC 2017 Groovenauts.Inc

Groovenauts, Inc. is a prominent software management and consulting company based in Fukuoka, Japan. Established in 2011 with their first office in Tokyo, Groovenauts, Inc. firmly believes in the easy accessibility and utility of various software languages and data management by people of all walks of life. By providing alternative software knowledge and a personalized consultation service, Groovenauts, Inc. has placed itself firmly as a focal point for software consulting and knowledge in this increasingly computerized world. Groovenaut, Inc.’s comprehensive use of software under Magellan Blocks enables it to become a forerunner in providing the accessibility and support for people and professionals alike. They desire to aid in bringing new services to life in the gaming, automotive and IoT device markets. The company was founded by Ms. Kumiko Sasaki, who surmises that high-speed technology and the application of big data will be an issue for a vast number of businesses, especially in this climate of increasing network connectivity. The company aims to amalgamate teamwork and technical prowess in order to assist companies, and to utilize the structure of their unique technology to develop in the best way possible. 


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The Democratization of Technology

Artificial intelligence is one of the most innovative technologies today, and we expect that it will drastically change our way of life in coming years. Many people probably remember when, in 2012, Google announced that its neural network had taught itself to recognize cats from among millions of images.

Here at Groovenauts, we are an ambitious tech company aiming to democratize artificial intelligence, making its incredible potential accessible to all. Today, we are developing services for a future in which everyone—regardless of their industry, business, or occupation—can easily make use of artificial intelligence. True innovation doesn’t happen when a technology is first developed, but when it reaches the hands of many. 

The Power to Cross Borders


Another core aspect of our business at Groovenauts is our “Play-With-Tech” afterschool program for children. Some may wonder why a tech company also runs an afterschool facility, but this ties directly into our company philosophy.

The society we live in is full of borders. Divisions like race, nationality, gender, and language create gaps between us; regrettably, these gaps often lead to disputes and conflict. In contrast, in the tech community online, people with all sorts of backgrounds and philosophies can express themselves, recognize their differences, and work together through the common language of programming.

The ability to interact with others while acknowledging differences will be essential for children in the future. This is one of the skills that we hope to instill through the Groovenauts afterschool program.

Being Human


We are honored to sponsor GBCC and to support students from around the globe, each with their own views and beliefs, gathering together to tackle a shared challenge. Just like these students, we at Groovenauts are challenges too. We are fighting to bridge gaps and overcome hurdles to make artificial intelligence accessible to all.

Many companies are already using artificial intelligence to “predict” the future by forecasting sales, event attendees, energy usage and more. When the use of artificial intelligence is brought up, some worry that computers will steal jobs from human beings. However, data analysis using artificial intelligence is actually revealing is that we are all humans after all. Artificial intelligence is showing us again that we are creatures greatly affected by weather, temperature, the seasons, and other external forces. In other words, coming face-to-face with artificial intelligence is the same as coming face-to-face with our own humanity.

Innovation that Retains Human Warmth

Human beings have the ability to think rationally, but we act on emotion. We experience joy and anger, likes and dislikes, unbounded passion and deep love. All these feelings are extremely counterproductive and inefficient. They represent precisely what the20th-century economy tried to cast aside: our human nature.

We at Groovenauts are striving to create innovations for a future that embraces human nature, a future in which we all cooperate towards our mutual prosperity.

We hope that everyone attending this event will find inspiration for how to come together while recognizing our differences and our shared humanity.

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