Hunter W. Hoon

The founder of APU's CBS circle and one of the members supporting the idea of having GBCC at APU, Hunter Hoon is an APU alumnus who currently works as a recruitment consultant for Michael Page International. By representing APU in three separate case competition studies in Hong Kong, Thailand and Spain, Hunter very quickly developed the mindset and skills needed in the business world. He describes his first case competition as a revelatory experience: “In twenty-four hours, I learned more than one year of classes.”

Today’s GBCC grew out of Hunter’s experiences with the CBS business case competition circle on APU’s campus. In getting GBCC started, he aimed to accomplish two goals simultaneously: Give students more practical business training throughout their academic careers using real-world examples, and provide them with a way to bring in a wealth of knowledge from international sources.

Hunter strongly believes that today’s students need more than just a textbook-based education in order to succeed in the world of business, and that business case competitions like GBCC are among the best ways to offer them this. Hunter most wants competitions like GBCC to form a connective cycle between upper- and underclassmen, where tacit knowledge from these cases flows and accumulates between generations. This, he feels, will give these students a solid edge over their competition.

“When [regular students] step out [of their university], they’re going to realize the world’s really big, and full of uncertainty, and it’s going to be really unfair for them.”

Hunter himself has firsthand experienced the kind of personal growth he hopes other students will through case competitions. In reminiscing about his college days, Hunter recalls that, “Every example given to [students] is a B2C company, but nobody talks about B2B. But in my business case competitions, we actually dealt with a lot of B2B concepts and companies that were not commonly viewed, which gave me an idea what I need to know when I’m speaking with [Michael Page’s] clients.”

Hunter Hoon can be reached via his Linkedin page.

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