Professor Hirofumi Makino

Professor Hirofumi Makino is a visiting professor of marketing at the College of International Management, Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, and former Board Director and Vice President of the Coca-Cola (Japan) Company Limited.

At Coca-Cola, he was responsible for the management of several departments, including marketing, sales, distribution, and human resources. Meanwhile, he served as the Executive Adviser to the President of the Coca-Cola Bottling Company of California on the marketing and sales strategies.

A Message From Professor Makino

"I would like to give my utmost support to the GBCC event, where participating teams of students from all around the world challenge to propose practical solutions for real business issues. It is a great opportunity for the students to work together as teams in a multinational and multicultural environment through leveraging their professional business knowledge, wisdom, and creativity. I am without doubt that this exciting experience should become a great core asset for the participants in their future careers."

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