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At APU, international mutual understanding isn’t just a motto; it’s business as usual.

Intercultural Common Ground

Since its founding in 2000, APU has continued to grow as Japan’s premier international university, with half of its almost six thousand students coming from abroad. With over 80 different nationalities represented, every day at APU creates unique new opportunities for cooperation. Students can even take classes in either Japanese or English.



Celebrate Your Homeland

APU is home to its Multicultural Week events, which promote the cultural heritage of its students. For a week at a time, students partake in the foods, sounds, and arts of a single country, all culminating in a Grand Show finale that shows off the country’s music, dance, fashions, and storytelling traditions.

Living and Working Side-By-Side

APU’s students give it their all in a wide variety of club activities and local festivities, like APU’s yearly Tenkuu Festival. At night, the AP House dormitories see over one thousand students from across the globe eating and living together in harmony.

Two Paths to Greatness

Students at APU choose to study under one of two major colleges: The socially-minded Asia Pacific Studies (APS) or the business-oriented College of International Management (APM).

APM: Progress and Profit

Like many business university students, those in APM acquire the key skills required of tomorrow’s global business leaders – accounting, finance, marketing, economics, strategic management, and more – but APU also places new emphasis on social awareness, insisting new graduates use these powerful fundamentals to create new, more responsible ways of doing business.

APS: Solving Tomorrow’s Problems, Today

Within APS subjects, students learn about the importance of modern worldwide issues and seek solutions from a wider variety of subject areas, including international relations, environmental policy, sustainable development, and the hospitality and tourism industries.

Special Guests; Special Lectures


In addition to the wonderful faculty of professors and administrators, APU maintains connections to a special network of 48 academic advisors; among them renowned researchers and Nobel Prize winning academics who frequently give special lecture sessions and informative international conferences. APU also regularly sees visits from prominent figures outside of academia, including ambassadors, government policy makers, and business leaders, ready to share with the student body firsthand experiences of the various fields they seek to join.

A Global Education For Tomorrow’s Leaders

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