Competition Format

  • Participating teams will be given a total of two cases within a 5 hour and a 24 hour time framework to analyse and prepare a case solution.


  • There will be no presentations required for the 5 hour case. The results of the 5 hour case will be used only for the team arrangement in the division rounds of the 24 hour case.


  • As for the 24 hour case, there will be a total of 4 division rounds comprising of three teams per division and teams in each division will compete against each other. Teams are required to present their case solution to a panel of professional judges in the division round. The winner of each division will proceed to the final round.

  • Finalists will be given a fixed period to modify their PowerPoint before moving on to the final round. 

  • The final round is open to the public audience and teams will be required to give their presentation to a panel of professional judges.

Rules and Regulations



  • A team should be made up of four students from an institution, currently enrolled in an Undergraduate Business program.


  • Students should not have completed his/her degree requirements while the competition is being held.


  • Students who have been participants in the previous GBCCs are not eligible to participate again.


  • Students should be registered as full time students in the respective institutions.


  • An exchange student is eligible to participate only if he/she is enrolled for one whole academic year in the respective institution.


  • An official advisor shall accompany the team, however communication between the advisors and the students are strictly prohibited while the competition is in progress (i.e. during case preparations and case presentation).

General Rules

  • All participating teams are required to stay in the accommodation designated by the GBCC 2018 committee.


  • A student ambassador will be assigned to each participating team and will be responsible for the welfare of its participants.


  • Teams must not leave any identification of the team or University (Institute's name and the name of the country of origin or any symbol thereof such as flag, logo, Head of state) on the submission file or during the presentation


  • All the data submitted and presentation should be in English.


  • Teams are not allowed to communicate with anyone other than team mates. Any sites that require login (email and password) are prohibited.

  • Advisors will not stay with their teams throughout the 5 hours and 24 hours case.


  • Team members should bring their own laptops.


  • It is the participants’ responsibility to make sure that their PPTs work on the Windows operated computers.

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