Beppu City

Situated in the southern prefecture of Oita, Beppu is indeed an entire world in itself. The city is studded with many exotic hot springs and has a pleasant climatic range. Beppu has delicious food for you to savour, especially the famous fried chicken. Amidst all the peaceful serenity, the city also has a lot in store for nature lovers. From aquariums to safaris, Beppu is teeming with attractions for one to create many meaningful memories. The city’s experience is enhanced by the warm hospitality of the locals who make a sincere effort to understand the visitor’s needs and serve it with utmost diligence.  Beppu is vibrant with a phenomenal exchange of cultures taking place. Students from all around the world, studying in Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, have added a unique flavour to this traditional Japanese city. Come visit Beppu and delve into this unique Japanese experience seasoned with cultures from different parts of the world.

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