Beppu, Oita

The Pulse of Beppu

The word almost synonymous with Beppu is hot spring, or “onsen,” as we call it. Beppu hosts many beautiful hot springs for one to enjoy. Onsens are not just meant for taking a dip; some of them are truly an exotic sight to see. The eight hells of the Jigoku Meguri are a treat to the eyes.

The hot spring waters allow for an interesting and unique experience of preparing one’s own food using the steam. This is popularly known as Jigoku Mushi. With onsens being the pulse of the city, there is no surprise about the fact that Beppu is the onsen capital of Japan.

Home Away from Home

What makes one’s experience in Japan unique is the high level of hospitality offered here. The locals are known to take care of every little need of those who visit them. Tending to the minutest details, in all spheres, be it the way the room is arranged to the way the food is presented to you, the dedication with which they serve is nothing less than phenomenal.

Meals Made in Heaven

There are many delicacies to try out in the city. The toriten and the famous karage are indeed dishes to watch out for. Both are varieties of fried chicken and are especially delicious. Beppu is also a host to some of the tastiest sea food, including the seki mackerel.

The World in Beppu


With Ritsumeikan APU having established itself in this city, over the years Beppu has transformed into a hub for people to experience different cultures. Students from over 130 countries polish themselves to become great leaders by learning intercultural communication, business management and international relations. This unique diversity makes Beppu an ideal destination for intellectual exchange. The locals too interact with great interest. Students do part time jobs in the city and are greatly assisted by the locals. The student circles often do exchanges with the locals and teach English to little children. Students even take part in festivals along with the locals. Watching the internationals as well as the local people parading across the city roads is an experience only Beppu can provide.


In this quiet and bountiful city, one gets the space and the resources to open their mind to new horizons and expand beyond their limitations. Beppu is a place for experiencing discovery.

Scenic Beppu

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