APU Alumni Association

Following its inception in 2003, the APU Student and Alumni Association has enabled a community of over 13,000 members in 125 countries and regions to stay linked with each other. Whether you’re an alum, friend, or student, membership in the APU Student and Alumni Association has always manifested itself in all members as an exhibit of their glory and pride.

28 alumni chapters function in various regions of the world, with unmistakable signs of further progress and expansion beyond horizons imaginable. At a university devoted to creating a global hub for education under a vision of freedom, peace and humanity, international mutual understanding, and the future shape of the Asia Pacific region, the association endeavors to ensure their objective of bridging the distance between members, ultimately contributing towards the well-being of APU students and helping sustain the university.  Their support for GBCC is another paramount step towards facilitating a better place for young minds from all over the world to study and live together.

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