Rules and Regulations

  • All participating teams are required to stay in the hotel designated by the GBCC committee.


  • A student ambassador will be assigned to each participating team during the event. The student ambassador is responsible for the welfare of the team.


  • Computers will not be provided during the event. Hence, participating teams are required to bring their personal computers.


  • Teams are allowed to use textbooks, notes, or any reference materials; but not their school database, social media or any communication tools.


  • Teams are prohibited to discuss the case with anyone.


  • Each team will be given a pen drive. All presentation slides must be stored on this pen drive.


  • For the 5 hours case, teams are required to submit one PDF file with maximum 10 slides (including Appendix). There is no presentation round for the 5 hours case.


  • For the 24 hours case, teams are required to submit one PowerPoint file, one PDF copy of their presentation with maximum 50 slides (including Appendix) and also one-page Executive Summary.


  • Teams proceeding to the final round can modify their presentation slides after receiving feedback from judges.


  • No late submission will be accepted under any circumstances.


  • Participating teams are not allowed to watch presentations by other teams except team advisors during division rounds.


  • Participating teams are allocated a total of 30mins for their presentation during the divisions round. 5 minutes for preparation, 15 minutes for presentation and 10 minutes for Q&A by the judges. A signal will be given to the presenters 5 minutes and 1 minute before the end of the presentation.


  • Adviser(s) are not allowed to meet or talk with the participants during the case preparation time. Please contact GBCC Committee or Student Ambassador if necessary.


  • Participating teams are expected to follow the rules and regulations and behave ethically during the competition. Not obeying the rules will result in disqualification.


  • GBCC committee reserves the rights to amend the content of the competition. Any amendments will be notified to the participating teams. 

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